Are you secretly a robot?

Sci-fi movies always have the androids / robots as emotionless … robots. Our super-complex emotional make-up would take years to code digitally and would never be as good as the real thing anyway, even if a super computer did it, which begs the question … Anyway, the droids etc when I was growing up were always analysing people’s actions, expressions, trying to categorise or identify what the human was doing. “We humans like to hug each other,” replied the captain. The robot replies, “Why? Are you trying to restrain them? ”

We do the same type of thing when we label, categorise, simplify a person, based on what we see or whatever limited information we have. We want to put someone in a box because its easier to categorise than it is to identify with someone, to actually get to know them. Its super easy to just mentally tag someone, “Jeff, he’s an accountant, apparently they aren’t funny, likes rugby, and dresses pretty well. Yep got him all figured out.” Can’t obviously get to know everyone but we should at least get to know the people we can. Otherwise we can be robots, labelling and standing afar off from real life and real people. But connecting with people requires me to actually be myself and honest, and to open up. If I can’t do that, then what happens when they open up? “Why is this human saying this?” And I stay in robot land, where semantics beats experience, emotion and expression.